Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The American Immigration Council Announces its 2014 "Teacher Grant Program" Winners

The American Immigration Council’s Education Department is proud to announce the winners of the 2014-2015 Teacher Grant Program. The grant program is an Education Department initiative to provide educators with the resources they need to implement a successful immigration curriculum or community-based project. 
This year’s winners come from all around the country and provide a breadth of knowledge and ideas to teach students and educators about the importance of immigration in our country. The awardees are Joseph A. DePaolo Middle School, Southington, CT and Saint Joseph Catholic School, Palm Bay, FL.

According to DePaolo Middle School teachers, Kerry Fenton and Debra Moreau, “there are three main objectives of our immigration community outreach project: to educate students on the experiences of the immigrant population, to welcome immigrant students, and to empower all students to implement social justice.”  The focus of Saint Joseph Catholic School’s project, “Health First, Protection for Migrant Workers in Florida” led by teacher Delia Lancaster, will be to initiate a donation drive to collect supplies to protect migrant workers laboring in hazardous conditions, as well to conduct research and interviews on health and safety issues in order to educate the community in a student-produced news broadcast. 

Director of the Education Deparment, Claire Tesh, says, “Our grant program rewards classroom teachers and community leaders who have innovative ideas in integrating immigration issues into their teaching. In return the Community Education Center shares their results with the greater public through lesson plans, multimedia and other projects.”

For over the past decade,  the American Immigration Council has been providing educators with funding for projects that support its mission of promoting the benefits of immigrants to our nation. This collaboration with motivated educators across the nation engages students and communities in thoughtful dialogues centered on the issue of immigration and multiculturalism. 

If you would like to learn more about our 2015-2016 grant programs and resources, please visit our website for the application instructions and online application form.  The next deadline is June 29, 2015.  Please email us questions at teacher@immcouncil.org

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