Monday, March 16, 2015

Digital Learning on Immigration: Quick Lessons for Students by Students

"The Mortar of Assimilation" , 1889

Teach digital learning day (#DLDay) any day of the week with relevant content! Our newly launched digital learning guide on immigration makes it easy to adapt short lessons to meet classroom needs.  

Educators can seamlessly integrate engaging multimedia content on immigration from the films produced by young adults (14-25) for the American Immigration Council’s “Change in Motion” contest.

How can I use this guide?   No more than five minutes in length, these films inspire dialogue, critical thinking and creative teaching on immigration. 

The tools in this guide include Common-Core aligned questions that can be used as warm-ups, homework, extra credit, advisories, in-between time during standardized testing days, full lessons, etc. in order to provide students with real-world accounts on the impact of immigration today.

Additional activities are provided to extend learning and explore themes and topics covered in the individual films, as well as a prompt to make connections to primary texts via political cartoons such as "The Mortar of Assimilation" pictured above).
Teachers have to flexibility to adapt the guide to best meet classroom needs.

How can I extend the conversation beyond the classroom?  Participate in short commentary via Twitter using the hashtag #DLDay and our handle @ThnkImmigration for longer conversations via Today’s Meet (classroom name: TeachImmigration), a free educational tool that enables discussions and empowers students.

What is the “Change in Motion” multimedia contest? The competition upon which this guide is based challenges today’s young adults to explore the role that immigration plays in their lives and communities through video and other multimedia projects. Projects should focus on celebrating America as a nation of immigrants as well as the immigration's impact on our everyday lives.

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