Thursday, May 28, 2015

How Educators Teach Immigration and Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

How Educators Teach Immigration and Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
In our most recent tweet chat we co-hosted on May 4th with middle school teacher Brian Kelley at #engchat, we initiated a thought-provoking, generative discussion with English and ELL teachers as well as vested learning partners on the benefits and challenges of creating digital stories on immigration with students.  Our piece “Teach Empathy with Immigrant Digital Stories” published today on Edutopia addresses some of these considerations and steps to support and share student writing of immigration experiences digitally. 
In addition, we’re highlighting a few of the insights shared with us from the tweet chat that will further enhance such a classroom project to create a positive learning culture where diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and belief systems are appreciated.

Click here to read the entire archived tweet chat.

Click here to download our digital storytelling on immigration lesson plan.

Please continue to share how you use digital storytelling on immigration with us and how it can create empathetic moments for classrooms and school communities.  We’d love to hear your experiences!

We invite book reviews written by teachers or students and we offer free lesson plans, resources, and grants to #teachimmigration. Stay connected! Follow us on twitter @ThnkImmigration and our blog Immigration In and Out of the Classroom.

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